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 Contacting SciFi advertisers (possible boycott?)

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PostSubject: Contacting SciFi advertisers (possible boycott?)   Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:36 am

I have decided to take a different approach, perhaps other can do the same?

On Monday I will make a list of 10 advertisers on SciFi that sell products or services which I currently use. I will then write a brief letter letting them know that I have been a loyal customer and ask them to approach SciFi and ask them to reconsider. I am still giving it thought, but I have considered going as far as writing that I would boycott any products or services which support the SciFi network by advertising (and will FOLLOW through, if I change service providers I will include a note explaining why when I cancel their services). I will include my account number and will send it to whoever is responsible for marketing/advertising at the company.

I understand that shows end. What really gets on my nerves is that it sounds as if they made this decision in part because of how well the direct to DVD movies for SG1 did. I purchased these movies because I wanted to support the franchise an extend it's life! Add to this the fact that the show has done well and has won awards and I am incredibly unhappy with SciFi.

Besides SGA the only other good shows on SciFi are Battlestar (Which I understand also got the axe) and Eureka (which has now become a product placement commercial!). Sanctuary has good acting, but is HORRIBLE! Wrestling? BLAH! Ghost Hunters? If I want to waste my time to see the same results every time I can watch paint dry.

If others are interested, perhaps we can work together to put together a list of advertisers along with the contact information?

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PostSubject: Re: Contacting SciFi advertisers (possible boycott?)   Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:56 am

Hi Alfred,
You want to add your attack plan to the penny mailing campaign? I was hoping to do more than one phase of the "attack." We are going to do the first mailing over the finale week, but there are so many parties involved with the show ending that it is almost impossible to decide or figure who would be best to target. MGM is an obvious one, hence why I chose them. Although today I read an interesting response to an email by MGM. I'm going to post it on sci-fi boards in my thread there.

I'm hoping you could join sci-fi forums and post your idea on the mailing campaign thread on sci-fi, and we can get some interest/responses to it there. Not a lot fo people are responding to threads here to ideas to save the show. Lots of reading of posts, but not many comments. (And don't be discouraged if some people don't like your idea -- I've gotten my share of naysayers too)

There are lots of people trying all sorts of things to bring SGA back, and I think your idea has merit. I've read the idea of getting the advertisers to help or to boycott on some board in the last couple of weeks too.

Anyhow, you'll find the thread at

Hope to see you there! (and hope you will join phase one of this effort)
SGAfan4life Smile

PS -- check out the posts on the Jericho forums -- they offered lots of encouragement and advice. They had 6 month to organize their 1st campaign. I hadn't even learned of SGA's cancellation until mid Nov. Anyhow, see what the Jericho folks think about your idea. They brought back a show -- and it's getting a third shot at it on the CW. So some folks there know what they are doing. Here's the link to the thread I posted on Jericho forums.
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Contacting SciFi advertisers (possible boycott?)
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