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 Why I love Rodney McKay...

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PostSubject: Why I love Rodney McKay...   Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:08 pm

No,not in that way..even though I am gay.. Dr McKay and I share a lot in common..
brains for one,although I dunno if I can beat him at chess..his character's nationality is Canadian,my adoptive grandparents were in part French-Canadian,so I totally relate to the Canadian part if I am an did I mention the brainy study part?Ohh,and He does lack social skills at times Rolling Eyes but that's okay most geeks do..well,okay except for Samantha Carter or McKay's sister.
I will miss Rodney if the series isn't continued for another season,but to me if Atlantis were an actual place I could go to visit,Dr McKay and Radek would be the first ones I'd have lunch with... Smile
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Lt Kirby

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PostSubject: Re: Why I love Rodney McKay...   Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:26 pm

agreed, rodney is my fav too cheers

like you, i am in some ways...okay, in a lot of ways, like rodney. I can sometimes be sarcastic and abrassive at times, especially when there is little time available, but regardless of this, still manage to successfully undertake and complete tasks no matter how short the amount of time available is (as shown in my coursework, where I had 48 hours to finish 3 Units from scratch - each containing 9 major essays and 3 minor ones (i.e. 18 major and 6 minors) and with no sleep, no coffee or any stimulants, I worked hard and still got distinctions (basically A)
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Why I love Rodney McKay...
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