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 Why SGA isn't like TREK

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PostSubject: Why SGA isn't like TREK   Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:20 pm

OKAY I hate to vent so soon after joining here BUT this nitpick has been on my mind for a long,LONG time
I have counted numerous episodes(besides the events mentioned in"Inquisition") where the SGA team has BOLDLY interferred in some why that in the Trek universe,would have got any Starfleet officer in trouble..
What would that be you might ask? (As Dr McKay:)Ohhh,that would be..lemme guess.hmmmm
Stargate has none,which is okay,I guess,but being a Trekker,it works my nerves sometime while watching
Would Picard let Geordi just go ahead and tinker with some alien tech and blow up a world in the process?
NO! Did Elizabeth Weir let Rodney McKay? YES,well not totally but she's culpable..
Would Riker or Data directly interfere with an alien culture?
NO BUt Sheppard,McKay,Weir and Beckett have...
But I will still root for them to save the day and galaxy while their at it.
I ask only thing if they do a 6th season..bring on an openly LGBT character,not sorta, not kinda,but full
on lesbian,gay,bisexual or transgendered..
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Why SGA isn't like TREK
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