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 A DEGREE of Help!

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PostSubject: A DEGREE of Help!   Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:20 am

This Idea came from 2 members in another forum, WolfenM, shansgrl.

Get the advertisers who advertised during Atlantis to ask for season 6.

We do this by purchasing their product, and mail a recipt for their deoderant, to them with a request for help.

Everyone can start contacting this company now, later we will also set aside a few days for aspecial mass mailing to them, all can send there comment to them even now!

In planning for this I have drafted a letter which I plan to send, and am posting it here as it may give some ideas, when they write their own letters.

Ed Lonergan is the president and CEO of JohnsonDiversery.

Dear Mr Ed Lonergan .

I have become a customer and user of your product (Degree deorderant) since watching Stargate Atlantis (produced by MGM) and airs on the SciFi Channel on Friday nights, they have cancelled this Excellent show despite solid ratings, if they fail to renew Stargate Atlantis for 2009, I will no longer be watching that channel, as there is not much worth watching on it, I had to purchase an expanded programing package to get it, 7 years ago when Scifi began airing Stargate SG1 just so I could watch Stargate, at which time I cancelled Showtime, as the only reason I had that channel was for Stargate as it had aired there for the first 5 years, then on Scifi for its last 5 years.

Now Atlantis has been cancelled, and if not brought back for season 6, I will be shutting off the Scifi channel, which means I would not be seeing your commercials on Scifi anymore, there are a huge amount of the shows fans , who feel the same way, and will quit watching Scifi channel.

MGM and Scifi have announced plans for a new Gate series, Stargate Universe, but this show sounds like a copy of Star Trek Voyager, as a gate crew gets lost a long way from home, and trys to find there way back, this will probably flop, then we have no gate on TV.

The course of wisdom for MGM and Scifi would be to air the new show right after Atlantis, the established show that has solid rating numbers, for a couple of seasons until the new show is established.

This is what helped Atlantis to become firmly established, as it aired for 2 to 3 years right after SG1.

We are sending lots of mail to them about these things we have informed you of, but to be successful we need “A Degree of Help” pun intended!

If you as an advertiser were to ask Scifi & MGM for the show to continue it would help us to secure the renewal of Atlantis for a 6th year, this would cause us to be very grateful, and no doubt cause us to give very high praise for your company, and everyone knows how valuable word of mouth advertising is.

Here is the contact info I have for these 2 companies:

Scifi Channel--------------------------------- MGM
Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza--------------10250 Constellation Boulevard
New York, NY 10112 -------------------------Los Angeles, CA. 90067
Phone: 212-413-5000------------------------310-449-3000

Your Consideration and Help In This Matter Is Deeply Appreciated

Remeber you can be bold, but by all means be warm and kind!

Edited to include contact info of the manufacturers of Degree!


Online feedback form to contact JohnsonDiversey

Degree is made by JohnsonDiversey Here is there contact info!

Ed Lonergan, President and CEO of JohnsonDiversery

Global Headquarters
8310 16th Street
P.O. Box 902
Sturtevant, WI 53177-0902 USA
Tel: 1-262-631-4001

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Number of posts : 29
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Location : usa
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PostSubject: Re: A DEGREE of Help!   Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:09 am

Here is a card I made to enclose with your letter to degree, so when you send, please print this card and enclose it with your letter and recipt! Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: A DEGREE of Help!   Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:56 am

This is a great idea! I shall do what you command of me!
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Number of posts : 29
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Location : usa
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PostSubject: Re: A DEGREE of Help!   Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:10 am

As I have time I am going to be making a few follow up post cards that can be sent to JohnsonDiversery, by both snail mail and email, so after you have sent your first snail mail which should contain your reciept, the first post card and your letter, then you can send the following cards.

If sending by snail mail print the card to either card stock or an envalope, then address the other side and mail.

To email right click a menu comes up copy, then go to your mail box, compose letter and then paste the card in the body of the email, after you past it, it should show up there, then put the recievers address in, and put a subject in and mail!

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PostSubject: Re: A DEGREE of Help!   

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A DEGREE of Help!
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