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PostSubject: Hey!Nielsen   Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:18 pm


New member to this site! Glad to be here!! I've been on other campaign sites and finally decided to join this one as well.

Just wanted to suggest that members go over to Hey!Nielsen and leave opinions and rate/comment on opinions already there. Here is the link:

(i hope i did that right!)

Let me tell you about the great job fans of SGA have been doing over there.
On Sept 23 - we had 1145 members. Today Sept 28 we have 1180 members - up 35 new members!
On Sept 23 - H!N score was 26. Today Sept 26 the score is 35 - up 9 points!

If you have not gone over to Hey!Nielsen, please consider doing so.

Also don't forget to send out postcards, emails, letters to TPTB to tell them the fans want SGA back!
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