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 Phone Initiative

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PostSubject: Phone Initiative   Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:57 am

I have been asked to pass on this message from the leaders of SoSGA.

We have mailed letters, we have sent lemons, and now may be the time to start calling MGM ...

Originally, we felt that a phone campaign would not be productive. It would be easy for MGM to push our calls onto an answering machine or server where we would simply not be able to get through. But SciFinut007 has gotten through!

He or She reached a person - A person who said that we might still have a chance to save SGA.

The VLog video is almost ready. It will be shown at the SGA panel at Armaggedon Con. But in the meantime we need to strike again, and with SciFiNut007's success, a new phone initiative may provide the boost our campaign needs!

We know that not everyone can make the long distance call, but if you can, call as many times a day as possible! Ask to speak to Charles Cohen. Call and call and call!

PLEASE be polite, but let them know we want SGA for another season. Not SGU, not movies, but another season of SGA. Maybe if we call enough, we can sway their decision. Every part of the campaign, the Vlog, the lemons, the letters, the phone calls, they all show our unhappiness with their decision. Help us make them listen.

**Call MGM 310-449-3000**


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PostSubject: Re: Phone Initiative   Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:54 pm

For those of us in other countries - Skype is a cheap way to be able to make international phonecalls - you will need to buy some credit and you'll need a microphone attached to your computer but it works great.
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PostSubject: Re: Phone Initiative   Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:50 pm

If anyone out there has Verizon cell phone service a long distance phone call does not cost anything extra, they just use your minutes so feel free to call.
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PostSubject: Re: Phone Initiative   

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Phone Initiative
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